The Kansas City Star embraces WILD HEART With Pre / Post Show News Surrounding

The Kansas City Star embraces WILD HEART With  Pre / Post Show News Surrounding

Samantha’s Special Hometown Record Release Party
“I was getting chills,” Fish told The Star recently. “They were laying down these incredible gospel harmonies. Boo Mitchell, the engineer, and I were almost tearing up. It felt so magical. Knowing the history of that room and knowing that Al Green sang into that same microphone: It was very humbling.”  Kansas City Star – read more..

“Fish, 25, has built an international reputation as a powerhouse blues-rock musician with an enormous voice and tremendous skill as a guitarist. She also combines the artful sensitivity of Bonnie Raitt and the effortless swagger of the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.”  Kansas City Star-  read more


Samantha Fish joins the SIX STRING DOWN TOUR

In December Samantha and her band supported the 2014 Six Strings Down Tour that featured Tab Benoit and Tommy Castro.
Here is Samantha Fish tearing it up with Tommy and Tab.


Samantha Fish – Kansas City Bomber



Samantha Fish Talks Songwriting Direction, Her Journey into Deep Blues, and Hannah Montana

SAMFISH5466-300x267American Blues Scene Magazine has this writeup on Samantha Fish:

From the balcony, it was the perfect view of the stage and dance floor. It was nearly midnight at Cartoon’s Oyster Bar and Grill in Springfield, Missouri, only hours before the blizzard of the year coated the city in a thick white sheet. Just below, couples danced at the front of the high rise and others were throwing back frothy beers within the company of friends. Even on the second floor, people were deeply entranced by the Blues, some in the moment, eyes closed, swaying their arms, and others were leaning over the railing, letting their hair hang low and bobbing their heads rhythmically to the skip of every snare hit. Everyone was having a great time and really loved being there. Fiery, distorted licks flew from an oil can guitar and attitude packed vocals belted from Samantha Fish.

After she finished the song, she took a moment to address the crowd, telling them that she just received a text message from Royal Southern Brotherhood’s Mike Zito concerning the Kansas City Chiefs losing again. Being that she was from KC, it was understandable why she would ask if the audience could do her a favor and flip her camera phone the middle finger, for Mike Zito. Her drummer Go-Go and bass player Chris looked to be enjoying themselves in the moment, gazing out to see the older couples laughing, delightfully flipping the birdie, and one lady took so much pleasure in the moment that she held up both hands and shook them defiantly as if she were reliving rebellious teenage years.

Read the rest of the article here.

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