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April 2016 Tour Dates



Samantha Fish – May 2016 Tour Dates



Samantha Fish Goes Viral

Samantha Fishes version of I PUT A SPELL ON YOU video has now been shared by the very popular Canadian group Walk Off of the Earth on Facebook and it’s up to 5,319,024 Views on the bands FaceBook page.


WAR PIGS Video – Samantha Fish – Guitar World

Below, check out a 2014 clip of Fish performing Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” at Callahan’s Music Hall. That’s Scot Sutherland on bass and Go-Go Ray on drums


Samantha Fish Takes KC Blues Scene By The B%#$s- Pitch Music

56e3_4876922.tSmoke curls around Christmas decorations still hanging in late January inside the Hide Out, a bar at the end of a Gladstone strip mall.

The high ceiling and exposed beams do little to muffle the din of phlegmy coughs and Miller High Life-flavored chatter on this frigid night. Still, about half the crowd is transfixed by the wholesome-looking young woman tearing into a cover of B.B. King’s “Something on Your Mind.” A red-faced man in a puffy Mizzou jacket stands and points directly at her, midsong. He yells, “She’s good!”

“I don’t know if I have necessarily carved out my own niche yet, but I’m starting to get a loyal fanbase,” Samantha Fish says on a Thursday afternoon in May at Hannibal’s Waldo Bar on Wornall Road, where she plays weekly blues jams. The sessions, which are often standing-room-only, are led by Fish and her bandmates, drummer Danny Montero and bassist Paul Greenlease.

In a genre where legends wail scorching melodies past the age of 80, the 21-year-old Fish is still a kid. But the bubbly, slender blonde, who has been playing guitar for six years, is taking the Kansas City blues scene by the balls. Fish’s sultry voice and rootsy, groove-oriented sound aren’t quite Delta, Chicago or KC in style but an amalgamation, with room for Tom Waits, Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm.

URL: http://www.pitch.com/kansascity/samantha-fish-takes-the-kc-blues-scene-by-the-balls/Content?oid=2198873


Samantha Fish’s March/April Tour




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The Kansas City Star embraces WILD HEART With Pre / Post Show News Surrounding

The Kansas City Star embraces WILD HEART With  Pre / Post Show News Surrounding

Samantha’s Special Hometown Record Release Party
“I was getting chills,” Fish told The Star recently. “They were laying down these incredible gospel harmonies. Boo Mitchell, the engineer, and I were almost tearing up. It felt so magical. Knowing the history of that room and knowing that Al Green sang into that same microphone: It was very humbling.”  Kansas City Star – read more..

“Fish, 25, has built an international reputation as a powerhouse blues-rock musician with an enormous voice and tremendous skill as a guitarist. She also combines the artful sensitivity of Bonnie Raitt and the effortless swagger of the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.”  Kansas City Star-  read more

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